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Sony Music Entertainment Africa is proud to announce its partnership with RockStar4000 and the City of Tshwane, which will bring TribeOne: Dinokeng, Africa’s premier music festival, to the historical town of Cullinan in September 2014.

DinokengLogo by Rockstar4000
DinokengLogo by Rockstar4000

Our involvement is the culmination of our support for the development of the TribeOne: Dinokeng music festival by our longstanding strategic partner Rockstar4000; and the City of Tshwane’s recognition of the historical opportunity to positively impact the community of Cullinan by leveraging the power of music to support growth and development in the town.

Our initial interest in the project was driven by how the project’s objectives resonated with our enthusiasm for changing the manner in which music can make a difference. Over 4 BILLION consumers listen to music every day worldwide and music is the #1 driver of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With music having such a strong presence in society we were interested in ways to make our involvement in music count locally beyond its traditional impact.


Dinokeng TribeOne has all of the attributes that demonstrate the hidden, but significant benefits of making music matter more. Music entertainment on this scale has the power to create social cohesion, uniting people from all walks of life in the harmonious celebration of performances by some the World’s best artists and musicians. We are truly excited at the prospect of seeing African talent standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Global stars entertaining the most diverse music audience this continent has ever seen.

The other attractive characteristic of the festival for Sony Music Entertainment Africa is its plan to not only bring significant economic impact to the town of Cullinan and its surrounds, but the legacy of skills transfer and job creation that form part of its stated objectives. We are enthusiastic about seeing music demonstrate how it can change people’s lives in a material way. As a citizen and stakeholder in our great country Sony Music Entertainment Africa is proud to support an initiative that will answer a call to action to change the lives of disadvantaged fellow citizens. We cannot be more excited for our industry by the potential outcomes of this project in this area.

Sony Music Entertainment Africa also recognizes the value this platform will provide by exposing African artists to new audiences from all over the world, both through the festival audiences at the event and through its global communications and broadcast. Our African music is strong and rich. Our continent is becoming more and more economically prominent as growth prospects continue to offer opportunity to outsiders. The time to place African music squarely in front of the investment interested eyes and ears of the globe, is now and TribeOne: Dinokeng opens a unique window on our music for that purpose. The festival line up is not limited to Sony Music Entertainment artists. We have a best-entertainment based view on how the line up is structured. We were able to create significant opportunity for non-Sony Music artists during with our successful music program at the 2010 FiFA World Cup.

Besides financial investment Sony Music Entertainment Africa will use its resources to drive areas of the festival that fall within its core competencies of music content curatorship and marketing.  We are part of a multinational organization with offices in over 40 countries around the world. Through this network we are connected to some of the greatest talent on the planet, but we also benefit locally from shared global practice information and success. Over time we have developed strong relationships with entertainment media. We are also administratively strong in the music space and our people and systems will sit behind some of the functions of the festival.

We congratulate ROCKSTAR4000 and the City of Tshwane for the insight and courage it took to get this project off the ground and we look forward to September 2014 when we can all get together and celebrate one of the finest moments in African music at the inaugural TribeOne: Dinokeng Music Festival.



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